I'm Chuck Stone

I have lost over 150 lbs, and hope to help you acheive your health and weight loss goals.

January 2014, I found myself stepping on the scale at 387 lbs. 13 away from 400.

I've always been a big guy, in high school this was a good thing as a lineman on the football team. After high school is when it became a not so good thing.

Leaving High School at 225lbs I was in the best shape of my life. Running a mile in 6 min and 30 seconds, bench pressing over 400lbs. Then slowly life happened and I found myself approaching 400lbs on the scale.

I knew I had the tools to fix this before it was too late for me. I wanna help you do the same.

Why is Fitness and Nutrition important to me?

It has given me confidence. It has allowed me to things that I could not do when I was 387lbs (like walk to the bar with friends that is less then a mile away).

"You sound like you are going to die in your sleep."

Yes... that was said to me, I snored, loudly. I more then likely had Sleep Apnea, as I was told it sounds like I stop breathing in my sleep.

That is no longer the case. I don't snore. I don't sound like I am going to die.

I just feel better, and I look better.

Why Bother Reading Any of My Advice?

Because I was more then likely in the same spot you are in, or were in. I know what it takes to make a big change more manageable.

I'm not going to sell you on some fact that you can lose 150lbs overnight. You can't. You can lose 100lbs in a year, but you have to do the work. Nothing works without real work. That does not mean it has to be hard, sometimes it will be though. Sometimes it will seem easy too. There is no pill to make it easier.

On this blog/site you will find real advice that leads to real results.

Real recipes, real workouts, real strategies to help you get healthy, and to a weight that works for you. Not too many of us will have 6 pack abs (I probably never will). If you follow my advice you will surprise yourself on a regular basis.

How this site maintains itself

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